Czech Telematic Autumn in Bulgaria

Professional conference and accompanying exhibition on the intelligent transport systems and services, telematic in utilities and on the practical possibilities of Czech industry.

17. 9. 2008

Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan

2nd year of the conference linking on from ITS Sofia Czech Days 2007


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Conference programme & registration form
Profile of attending companies
Conference Programme - Contributions
  Conference opening 
Opening remarks of prominent Bulgarian and Czech personalities, invited persons:
Youdjel Atilla, Deputy minister of Transport, the Republic of Bulgaria
Martin Klepetko, Czech Ambassador to Bulgaria
Petr Šlegr, Deputy minister of Transport of the Czech Republic
Kiril Ermenkov, President of Scientific & Technical Union of Transport
Atanas Tassev, President of ITS Bulgaria
Bojidar Bojinov, President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Telematic fundamentals, system architecture, applications and benefits
Miroslav Svítek
ITS&S Czech Republic
  ETC & overlay aplications ITS in public transport 
Electronic tolling system in the Czech Republic and it’s further development
Karel Černý
Kapsch Telematic Services
Co-operation of ITS&S Czech Republic members on Czech tolling project
Filip Linhart
ITS&S Czech Republic
Sofia Contactless – travelling with cards in PT
Vladimír Vojáček
AMSBUS: advance-sale, booking and dispatching system for coach travel
Jiří Zdobnický
  Traffic & fleet management 
Road traffic control systems
Vladimír Ketner, Ivana Černá
AŽD Praha
Fleetware – people, cars, information
Pavel Dvořák
Management systems for traffic regulation
Zdeněk Pliška
ITS applications and perspectives in the road traffic management in Bulgaria
Orlin Roussev
ITS Bulgaria
Methodology, modelling and traffic forecasts and investments needed of ERTMS implementation into the railway network of Bulgaria
Todor Konstantinov Razmov
National Railway Infrastructure Company, ITS Bulgaria
  Telematic in other utilities 
Application of satellite navigation and telecommunications in industry
Roman Srp
ITS&S Czech Republic
Benefit of telematic & ICT for production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy
Petr Šprync
Basic strategies for a successful eGovernment deployment
Miroslav Hrubý
The Office for Personal Data Protection, Czech Republic
Importance of telematic application for economical development in Bulgaria
Discussion panel, moderated by Roman Srp
Front Czech and Bulgarian professionals are invited
Opening remark: Atanas Tassev, President of ITS Bulgaria
  Other contributions
Quality in civil engineering for tunnel safety
Marie Fialova, Petr Svoboda; SPEL

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