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You find here projects, which are eminently supported, co-organised or produced by our association.
Upcoming Projects
Name Date Place
Past Projects
Name Date Place
25th ITS World Congress 2018 17.9.-21.9.2018 Copenhagen
12th ITS European Congress 19.6.-22.6.2017 Strasbourg, France
Smart and Healthy Transport in Cities 4.4.-5.4.2017 Plze˛, Czech Republic
Intelligent mobility as a pillar of smart cities 19.-22.9.2016 Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov on Don
11th ITS European Congress 6.6.-9.6.2016 Glasgow, Scotland
22nd ITS World Congress 2015 5.10.-9.10.2015 Bordeaux, France
Czech- Korea ITS forum 28.5.2015 Prague
The 10th ITS European Congress 16.6.-19.6.2014 Helsinki
Robust Satellite Positioning and ITS in Practice 13.6.2014 Prague
Robust Satellite Positioning and ITS in Practice 5.6.2014 Prague
DATEX II User Forum 19.5.-20.5.2014 Prague
Czech ITS Forum on Super-computing ináTransportation 25.11.2013 Brussels
ITS - Solutions in Middle Germany (Easy OBU workshop) 8.10.2013 Halle
11th European Transport Congress 19.-20.9.2013 Prague
Czech-Austrian Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) 16.5.2013 Vienna
Robust satellite positioning and ITS inápractice 23.1.2013 Prague
EASY OBU Workshop 2012 22.11.2012 Roztoky u Prahy
Czech ITS Forum on Door-to-Door Seamless Mobility &áPublic Transportation Management 1.12.2011 Brussels
ELECTROMOBILITY 2011 12.-13.5.2011 Prague
1st Space Technology Course 1.11.-10.12.2010 Prague
38. Kontiki E-ticketing International Conference 17.-18.6.2010 Prague
Galileo User Forum Workshop 2.6.2010 Brussels
Teleinformatika 2009 23.-24.11.2009 Prague
Czech Telematic Autumn in Bulgaria 2009 28.10.2009 Bulgaria
Network of National ITS Associations Workshop 15.10.-16.10.2009 Prague
ASE XXII Planetary Congress 4.-10.10.2009 Prague
EATIS 2009 3.6.-5.6.2009 Prague
ROSALINE 2009 Bratislava 20.4.-22.4.2009 Bratislava
ITS Prague 2009 30.3.-1.4.2009 KCP Prague
Teleinformatika 2008 24.-26.11.2008 Prague
Satellite navigation & communications on railways 6.10.2008 Dresden, Germany
Czech Telematic Autumn in Bulgaria 17.9.2008 Sofia
ITS Bratislava 2008 10.9.-11.9.2008 Bratislava
Space Industry Day 29.7.2008 Prague
Sirwec 2008 14.-16.5.2008 Prague
NavAge 2008 26.-28.3.2008 Prague
ITS Sofia '07 Czech days 20.-21.9.2007 Sofia
ITS Bratislava ĺ07 11.-12.9.2007 Bratislava
ITS Prague 2007 15.-16.5.2007 Prague
e-Toll ┤06 Slovakia 13.-14.9.2006 Bratislava
NavAge ┤06 Prague 28.-29.3.2006 Prague
13th ITS European Congress 3.6.-6.6.2000 Eindhoven, Netherlands