ITS Bratislava ’07

ITS Bratislava ’07 Conference
11. - 12. 9. 2007
Správa účelových zariadení Ministerstva zahraničných vecí Slovenskej republiky v Bratislave (SÚZA),

International conference and accompanying exhibition about transport telematics.

ITS = Intelligent Transport Systems = Inteligentné Dopr. Systémy = IDS
Intelligent systems and services = Transport telematics

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  25. 9. 2007
ITS Bratislava '07 Conference Proceedings Archive
Conference Proceedings Archive was just posted. It contains all available contributions from the conference. Access to the archive is available for all conference participants and username and password was sent to them by e-mail. In case you did not receve the password, please contact us.

24. 9. 2007
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  Opening of the conference

8:30 Registration at the conference
9:00 Opening of the conference, greeting of participants
prof. Alica Kalašová, Roman Srp
University of Žilina, T&P
9:10 Opening speeches of representatives of the entities under the auspices of which the conference was held
  Strategy, policy and regulation in transport
moderated by: prof. Alica Kalašová
9:45 Transport versus politics and legislation processes
Peter Pelegrini
National Council of the SR
10:00 Traffic policy and expectations of traffic infrastructure users
František Komora
Association of Logistics & Freight Forwarding of the SR
10:15 Task of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in transportation sector
doc. Svetozár Hegyi, doc. Miroslav Svítek
ITS Slovakia, ITS&S Czech Republic
10:30 Coffee break
sponsored by ROBOT Visual Systems
  ITS Fundamentals
moderated by doc. Svetozár Hegyi
11:00 Introduction into traffic telematics
prof. Alica Kalašová
University of Žilina
11:15 Architecture and efficiency of ITS
Tomáš Stárek
11:30 ITS standards and interoperability
prof. Pavel Přibyl
Technical University in Prague, University of Žilina
11:45 Application of navigation systems in various modes of transport
prof. Dušan Kevický, Jana Nováková
University of Žilina
12:00 ITS under the magnifying glass of interdisciplinary approach
prof. Milan Dado
University of Žilina
12:15 ITS Program and Education at CTU in Prague
doc. Miroslav Svítek
Czech Technical University
12:30 Lunch
  ITS in road transport
moderated by: doc. Miroslav Svítek , Roman Srp
13:30 Transport management center
Peter Schlosser
Slovak Road Administration
13:50 Central Traffic Control and management of road transport
Peter Bánovec, Marián Hanko, Tibor Schlosser
National Highway Company
14:10 Management system of Sitina tunnel in Bratislava
Jiří Řehák
14:40 Telefonica O2 experience with implementation of telematic systems
Filip Linhart
Telefónica 02 Czech Republic
15:10 Coffee break
15:40 Practical experience from construction of highway telematic systems
Vladimír Ketner, Ivana Černá
AŽD Praha
16:10 Task of ITS systems in road transport
Ľubomír Palčák
Transport Research Institute
16:30 Geographic impacts on regional models of public integrated transport
Juraj Popluhár
Slovak Bus Transportation Company of Trenčín
16:50 Certain aspects of international cooperation within transport critical management
Ivan Dolnák, doc. Zdeněk Dvořák
University of Žilina
17:10 Introducing RDS-TMC in Slovakia
Arpád Takács, Ján Tuška
Research Institute of Posts
  ITS in air transport
moderated by: prof. Dušan Kevický
13:30 Application of latest telecommunications in air transport
doc. Andrej Novák
University of Žilina
13:50 Use of air observation services in air traffic
Ivan Ferencz
Air Traffic Office
14:10 SESAR - Single European Sky tool
Igor Urbánik
Air Traffic Control Services (LPS SR)
14:30 Management of air traffic information in ATM
Augustín Lamprecht, prof. Karel Havel
Air Traffic Control Services (LPS SR), University of Žilina
14:50 Control of movements on an airport in low visibility conditions
prof. Antonín Kazda
University of Žilina
15:10 Coffee break
  ITS in railway transport
moderated by: doc. Juraj Spalek
15:40 Complex approach to engineering of railways brings supreme integration of railway transport into regional transport systems
František Kopecký, Jiří Kohl
KPM Consult
16:10 Interoperability in railway control, management and security systems
prof. Jiří Zahradník
University of Žilina
16:40 Information and check-in devices for passengers - latest solutions in integrated traffic systems
Roman Daněk, Jaroslav Černý
17:10 Electronic payment systems in mass transportation
Jiří Matějec
ITS&S Czech Republic
  Garden party
17:30 Evening buffet, informal entertainment, listening music
18:00 Sponsor's welcome word
20:00 End
  Electronic Fee Collection
systems (EFC) and services
moderated by: Tibor Schlosser, doc. Miroslav Svítek
8:30 Registration at the conference
9:00 General view on electronic tolling and Slovak expectations
Miroslav Biroš
Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the SR
9:20 Kapsch Area: hybrid solution - the best of all worlds
Michael Gschnitzer
Kapsch TrafficCom

Exploring the potential of e-tolling applications from Government perspective
Bruno Corthier, Benoit Rossi
Toll Solution International SANEF


Experience with building-up the performance tolling system
Evžen Prediger
Eltodo EG


Coffee break


Experience and expectations of carriers and forwarding agents from toll collection systems
Peter Halabrín
ČESMAD Slovakia


Electronic tolling for roads of lower class
Vladimír Vejvoda, Jaroslav Altmann


Optimal tolling system for Slovakia
Martin Záklasník
Satellic Traffic Management




Interoperability and European toll collection service
Karol Hrudkay, prof. Pavel Přibyl
Traffic Research Institute, Czech Technical University


Economic impacts of toll collection system
prof. Jozef Gnap
University of Žilina

  Discussion panel
moderated by: prof. Jozef Gnap
14:20 EFC implementation in Slovakia
Peter Pelegrini, National Council of the SR
Pavol Kirchmayer, Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the SR
Tibor Schlosser, ITS Slovakia
Peter Hodúr, National Highway Company (NDS)
doc. Miroslav Svítek, ITS&S Czech Republic
Michael Gschnitzer, Kapsch TrafficCom
Jiří Řehák, Eltodo EG
Martin Záklasník Satellic Traffic Management
15:50 End of the conference with a lot for a material prize
  List of contributions in poster section
  NXP transport systems support
Ihar Bayarenka
NXP Semiconductors
  Transport regulation in urban area
Markéta Chvátalová
Czech Technical University
  Electronic tolling in urban area
Markéta Chvátalová
Czech Technical University
  City tolling - foreign experience
Markéta Chvátalová
Czech Technical University
  Solution for central city area in Žilina using tolling system
prof. Alica Kalašová
University of Žilina
  Software architecture of On-Board Unit
Emil Kršák, Patrik Hrkút
University of Žilina
  Transport modelling in region
Jozef Paľo
University of Žilina
  Comparison of systems for automatic speed control
Ondřej Přibyl
  Application of telematic systems in cities
Tomáš Tichý
ELTODO dopravní systémy
  On-board Unit
Doc. Martin Vaculík, Petr Vestenický, Martin Nestenický
University of Žilina
  Improving road and tunnel safety via incident detection management
Professional Conference Board
prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD.
University of Žilina
Ing. Andrea Gavulová, PhD.
University of Žilina
  prof. Ing. Jozef Gnap, PhD.
University of Žilina
Ing. Peter Halabrín
ČESMAD Slovakia
prof. RNDr. Stanislav Holec, PhD.
University of Matej Bel
doc. Ing. Svetozár Hegyi, CSc.
ITS Slovakia
  Dr. Ing. Pavel Hrubeš
CTU in Prague
Mgr. Milan Ištván
Partnerships for Prosperity
  prof. Ing. Alica Kalašová, PhD.
University of Žilina
prof. Ing. Antonín Kazda, PhD.
University of Žilina

prof. Ing. Dušan Kevický, CSc.
University of Žilina

Ing. Pavol Kirchmayer
Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the SR
  Ing. František Komora
Association of Logistic & Freight Forwarding of the SR
Ing. Lubomír Palčák
Transport Research Institute
  Ing. Peter Pelegrini
National Council of the SR
prof. Ing. Pavel Přibyl, CSc.
University of Žilina, Guest Professor
  Dr. Ing. Peter Schlosser,
Slovak Road Administration

Ing. Tibor Schlosser, CSc.
ITS Slovakia

doc. Ing. Juraj Spalek, CSc.
University of Žilina
Ing. Roman Srp.
ITS&S Czech Republic, SDT ČR
doc. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek
University of Matej Bel, Guest Professor
Ing. Aurel Ščehovič
Research Institute of Posts & Telecommunications
Ing. Jarmila Škrinárová, PhD.
University of Matej Bel