Teleinformatika 2009

10th year of professional conference & accompanying exhibition on electronic communications, informatics and business

23. - 24. 11. 2009

Bethlehem Chapel, Prague Congress Centre


23. 10. 2009
Conference programme released.

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Teleinformatika 2009 Conference Programme (in Czech)
Conference Profile
Topics of the Conference
Information Society

Role of ICT in knowledge based economy
E-learning for education and competitive strength
Teleworking, on-line co-operation, videoconferencing
Portals and services of content providing, Web 2.0
E-Business a E-Commerce, E-Marketing


Security strategies and policy
Risk management
Technology, application level of security
Protection of data centres and comp. communications
Private data security and identity management

Corporate ICT

Business Intelligence systems
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Electronic Content Management, DB systems
LAN, WAN networks, servers, data storage
IT Services, IT Consulting, Outsourcing

Mobile Communications & Navigation

Trends and change of using mobile phones
On-line mobility in corporate networks
Convergence of communications & navigation
Future 3G/4G mobile services
Wireless Broadband: HSPA, WiMax, Mesh

Trends in Fixed Networks

Networks, Concepts, Standards, NGN
Voice/Video over IP, QoS, Unified Communications
Metropolitan networks, broadband access
Contact centres, CRM, billing systems
Technology and services for SOHO market

Digitalization & Media

Commercial content, entertainment, interactivity
Digital lifestyle - products & applications
HD-TV, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray
Digital storage systems and studio equipment
DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-H a IPTV networks

Public Sector

Informatics for state and public sector
E-government in the Czech Republic
Role of ICT in education
Project and solutions for public sector
Geoinformatics, map portals and applications


Informatics and management in public health
Telemedicine in practise
Card systems and projects in public health
Education and lifelong learning
Communication infrastructure

ICT & Property

Intelligent buildings and factory buildings
Energy effectiveness of buildings
Critical ICT infrastructure
Communication infrastructure in brown fields
Ecological energy power sources

Innovation & High-tech

Green IT = improving energy efficiency
Free space optics (FSO)
Space technologies (Galileo)
Data transmission over power lines (PLC)
Virtualisation in IT

ICT in Transport & Logistic

Efficient logistic, production and supply
Personal and company navigation & communication
Fleet management, multimodal transport
Auto ID/RFID in transportation and logistic
Cards systems in transport

Law, Regulation in Communications

European trends in sector regulation
Reforming the regulatory framework
Spectrum, radiofrequency trading
Topical questions of regulation in the CZ

Conference Board
PhDr. Pavel Dvořák, CSc.
Czech Telecomunication Office
    Ing. Pavel Gregora
Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting
prof. Ing. Stanislav Hanus, CSc.
University of Technology in Brno
    doc. Ing. Václav Jirovský, CSc.
Czech Technical University in Prague
prof. Ing. Miloš Klíma, CSc.
Czech Technical University in Prague
    doc. Ing. Jiří Masopust, CSc.
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Ing. Miloslav Marčan
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
    prof. Ing. Vladimír Smejkal, CSc.
Authorized Expert & member of Legislative Council of the Czech Government
Ing. Roman Srp, TECHNOLOGIES&PROSPERITY     prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek
Czech Technical University in Prague
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Svoboda, CSc.
Czech Technical University in Prague
    doc. Ing. Boris Šimák, CSc.
Czech Technical University in Prague
JUDr. Zdeněk Vaníček
Czech Association of Electronics Communications
    prof. RNDr. Miroslav Vlček, DrSc.
Czech Technical University in Prague
Ing. Jiří Vodrážka, PhD.
Czech Technical University in Prague
    doc. Ing. Otakar Wilfert, CSc.
University of Technology in Brno
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