ITS Prague 2009

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services – „Fresh Cocktail“ for Transportation to Support Prosperity in EU countries

30. 3. - 1. 4. 2009

Malostransky Palace, Prague Congress Centre

International congress about Intelligent Transport Systems, 6th year


10. 4. 2009
Updated archive of contributions. The congress participants received access credentials via e-mail to the address filled in the registration form. In case you do not receive the access credentials, please contact us.

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Congress Programme and Registration Form
Congress Profile
Congress Programme
  Ceremonial Opening
Malostransky Palace, Prague
17:30 Registration of participants
18:00 Official opening by the presence of the congress auspice representatives
18:30 Concert, Melody Quartett, girls‘ classical music ensemble
19:00 Buffet refreshment
21:00 End of the opening
31. 3.
  Strategy in Transport and ITS
moderated by Roman Srp, SDT (ITS&S)
Prague Congress Centre
9:00 Current stage, future development of road infrastructure and ITS in the CZ
Alfred Brunclík
Road and Motorway Directorate of the CZ
9:15 Unified system of traffic information for the CZ
Jaroslav Zvára
Governmental co-ordinator
9:30 European framework for implementation of ITS
Jindřich Fajka, Paul Riley
Ministry of Transport of the CZ, Jacobs Consultancy
9:50 Achievements of using ITS and future plans on Hungarian motorways
Tamas Tomaschek, Adam Nagy
State Motorway Management (Hungary)
10:10 Using the FRAME Architecture for ITS Planning
Richard Bossom, Peter Jesty
Siemens, Peter Jesty Consulting
10:30 Coffee Break
  ITS over Europe
moderated by Paul Riley, SDT (ITS&S)
11:00 Toolkit for sustainable decision making in ITS deployment
Martin Böhm, Stefan Schwillinsky
AustriaTech – Federal Agency for technological Measures
11:20 Transportation models for citizens
Thomas Epp, Peter Moehl, Andreas Schmid, Wilke Reints
11:40 Integrated Approach for Handling HGV Parking on German Motorways
Guido Schuster
LBM Rheinland-Pfalz
12:00 Maintenance Decision Support System
Tomáš Pospíšek, Martin Balajka, David Konečný
12:20 City distribution centre – complex tool of city logistic
Pavel Manda, Tomáš Stárek
Telematix Services
12:40 Business Lunch
  Toll Collection in the Czech Republic (workshop)
moderated by prof. Miroslav Svítek, SDT (ITS&S)
11:00 Opening of the workshop
Petr Bendl – Minister of transport of CZ
prof. Petr Moos – CTU in Prague
Alfred Brunclík – Road and motorway directorate of the CZ

Present stage, experience and the future of toll collection in the CZ
Václav Černý, Václav Nestrašil, Karel Feix
Ministry of transport of the CZ,
CZ Road and Motorway directorate, Kapsch Telematic Services

12:30 Business Lunch
13:15 Hybrid solution of a toll collection
prof. Petr Moos, doc. Václav Jirovský
CTU in Prague
13:45 Kapsch AREA: tolling with a support of GNSS/GPRS/DSRC
Karel Feix
Kapsch Telematic Services
14:15 Panel discussion by the presence of workshop lecturers
Moderated by prof. Miroslav Svítek
15:00 Coffee Break
  Information and Management Systems
moderated by Filip Linhart and prof. Alica Kalašová, SDT (ITS&S)
13:20 ITS on roads and highways in the CZ
Roman Voříšek
Road and Motorway Directorate of the CZ
13:40 Road line traffic control
Miroslav Šůstek
14:00 Localization of traffic information in TPEG protocol
Petr Bureš – CTU Prague
Jan Vlčinský – CAD programs
14:20 Effective traffic management in congestions on highways
Marek Ščerba, Martin Smělý
Centre of transport research, TU in Brno – FAST
14:40 Ex-post evaluation of pilot ITS EQ on D8 highway
Alexandra Holubová
Jacobs Consultancy
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 System approach to traffic management in cities
doc. Tomáš Tichý, Libor Povejšil
ELTODO dopravní systémy
15:50 How to design ITS projects
prof. Pavel Přibyl
CTU in Prague, ELTODO EG
16:10 New approach to risk analysis in road tunnels
Jozef Štefaňák, Juraj Spalek
University of Žilina
16:50 Improving Road and Tunnel Safety via Automatic Incident Detection
Nico Verstraete
17:10 Poster Section of IT S Prague (and Cocktail)
Includes contributions which could not be inserted in the congress programme due to time reasons. Content of poster section is available here.
Authors of poster contributions will be available to congress delegates at their posters.

ITS for Mobility
moderated by Paul Riley, SDT (ITS&S)

9:00 Human factor as a parameter of vehicle security systems
doc. Jaroslav Machan, Pavel Nedoma, Zdeněk Franc
9:20 O2 activities in the area of Location Based Services
Filip Linhart
Telefónica O2 Czech Republic
9:50 Communication among Vehicles – the Story Continues
Juraj Miček, Oldřich Kovář
University of Žilina
10:10 Intermodal and Interoperable Traveller Information for Large Cities
Martin Böhm, Tomáš Stárek
AustriaTech – Federal Agency for technological Measures, Telematix Services
10:30 Coffee Break

ITS for Safe, Economical and Ecological Transport
moderated by Filip Linhart, SDT (ITS&S)

11:00 Solutions Improving Transport Security and Efficiency
Petr Foltýn
Saab Czech
11:20 Telematics for maintaining trasport development in regions and vocational education
František Kopecký – KPM Consult
prof. Miroslav Svítek – CTU in Prague
11:40 Systems for ecological impacts reduction of road transport
Bedřich Erik Rathouský, prof. Václav Cempírek
University of Pardubice
12:00 Multimodality as a way out of increasing amount of cargo traffic
Tomáš Stárek, Ondřej Holub
Telematix Services
12:20 Fleet controlling for efficient transport
Vladislav Šembera, Petr Veverka
YMS Czech Republic
12:40 Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials in the Czech Republic
Jozef Sabol, Petr Kohout, Miroslav Hanák – AZIN CZ
Luboš Jirout – Telematix Services
13:00 End of Congress

Space Co-operation
Topical questions, business, industry and research opportunities based on a brand new Czech Republic‘s membership in ESA. Thematic workshop by the active presence of Czech and European top personalities.
moderated by prof. Miroslav Svítek, Roman Srp; SDT (ITS&S)

9:00 Registration of participants
9:30 Welcome
Petr Šlegr
Ministry of transport of the CZ
9:40 Strategic dimension of the Czech membership in ESA
Karel Dobeš
Governmental commissioner
10:00 Task force and its role in Czech space R&D and industry engagement
J.P.V. Poiares Baptista
10:30 Coffee break

Czech Space Office services and activities
doc. Jan Kolář
Czech Space Office

11:20 Mission of EADS - ESA primary contractor in the CZ
Klaus-Peter Ludwig
EADS Deutschland
11:40 Slovak Republic's approach to ESA
prof. Alica Kalašová, prof. Dušan Kevický, Benedikt Badánik
University in Žilina
12:00 Discussion panel by the presence of Czech task force members
12:40 End of the Congress

Technical Excursion
Due to security precautions in a connection with a visit of the president of the USA in Prague it is not possible to visit the transport dispatching centres of Prague.
Alternate program:

13:15 Departure

a) Visions of transport in Prague – guided exhibition, old town-hall on
    Staroměstské sq.

b) Tunnel Lochkov – Radotín and higway bridge over Berounka valley –
    guided excursion of civil engineering project.

Departure time for both excursions: 13:15. It is not possible to participate in both excursions. Causal dress and suitable shoes for excursion b) recommended.

15:00 Return
  Poster section P
  Contactless payment system in public transport
Pavel Manda, Ondřej Holub, Tomáš Stárek
Telematix Services
  Safety cargo transports at the airports
Luboš Jirout – Telematix Services
Jozef Sabol – AZIN
Miroslav Svítek – FD CTU Prague
  Some results of ministry's project on standardisation of railway's description in the CZ
Robert Číhal – ČD-Telematika
Pavel Hrubeš – CTU Prague
  Readiness of traffic information centers infrastructure for TPEG
Petr Bureš – CTU Prague
Milan Paulas – eago systems
  Transmission infrastructure and end devices in TPEG system
Petr Bureš – CTU Prague
Riad Abu Zummar – České Radiokomunikace
  Automatic counting of travellers in public transport
Pavel Manda, Jan Dudek, Tomáš Stárek
Telematix Services
  Electronic Traffic Documentation and Traffic Control on Track
Karel Šotek – Pardubice University
Emil Kršák – University in Žilina
  Eurovignette - solution of an electronic vignette
Dr Ludger Linnemann
AGES International
  Telecommunications in road transport, using MHz BW
Martin Pípa
Centre of transport research
  Slovak Republic's approach to ESA (also lecture in W2)
prof. Alica Kalašová, prof. Dušan Kevický, Benedikt Badánik
University in Žilina
  Intelligent Camera Systems for Travel Times Measurement
Otto Fučík, Tomáš Bia
  Experimental Development of a Free FlowTolling System based on an Integral, Intelligent and Interoperable Information Management (iTOLL)
Fernando Zubillaga Elorza
Cluster TIL-ITS Euskadi
  The programme can be modified without notice.
Congress Language: Czech, Slovak, English
Czech - English simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Professional Congress Board
prof. Ivan Bošnjak
ITS Croatia
    Karel Dobeš
Governmental commissioner
Andrea Gavulová
University of Žilina
    prof. Jozef Gnap
University of Žilina
Pavel Hrubeš
CTU in Prague
    prof. Alica Kalašová
University of Žilina
Mehmet Kaynak
ITS Turkey
    prof. Dušan Kevický
University of Žilina
Ágnes Lindenbach
ITS Hungary
    Filip Linhart
doc. Jaroslav Machan
    François Malbrunot
ITS France
prof. Jerzy Mikulski
Polish Association of Transport Telematics
    Reinhard Pfliegl
ITS Austria
Ladislav Pivec
TSK hl. m. Prahy
    prof. Pavel Přibyl
CTU in Prague
Ondřej Přibyl
ITS Network Germany
    Paul Riley
doc. Juraj Spalek
University of Žilina
    Roman Srp
prof. Miroslav Svítek
    Jose Viteri
TIL-ITS Euskadi
  Silver Partners
  Bronze Partners
  Media Partners