ITS Bratislava 2008

International conference on implementation and use of information and communication technologies in all modes of transport for the purpose of enhancement of ecology, economy and safety of transportation.

10. 9. - 11. 9. 2008

Správa účelových zariadení Ministerstva zahraničných vecí Slovenskej republiky
v Bratislave (SÚZA),


24. 9. 2008
Conference Proceedings Archive was just posted. It contains all available contributions from the conference. Access to the archive is available for all conference participants and username and password was sent to them by e-mail. In case you did not receve the password, please contact us. 

17. 9. 2008
Preview quality images from the conference can be downloaded here. If you are interested in certain image in printing quality, contact us.

11. 9. 2008
The third year of the conference ITS Bratislava has finished. 

Conference Profile
Information about sponsorship and partnership of the conference.
Conference Programme

   Conference programme in pdf format can be downloaded here:

Conference Opening

Registration at the conference, morning coffee


Conference opening with participation of leading Czech and Slovak personalities from the sector of transport and intelligent transport systems

Electronic Payments and Overlay Applications
moderated by prof. Alica Kalašová

Implementation of Countrywide EFC Schemes in Europe
Michael Bibaritsch
Prime Consulting Services


Success of Czech Tolling System and its Extension to a Hybrid System; Telematic Solutions for Traffic Safety
Karel Feix


Coffee Break
sponsored by ŽSR - Železničné telekomunikácie Bratislava


Potential of Overlay Services of a Satellite System of EFC
Jaroslav Altmann


Impact of Toll Collection in SR on Carriers´ Costs
Miloš Poliak
University of Žilina

12:10 Assessment of the Application Level of Contactless Chip Cards and Clearing in Selected Integrated Traffic Systems of the CR
Jan Kotík, Bohumír Bartušek

Open Card Standard for Public Transport
Jiří Matějec
ITS&S Czech Republic

12:50 Business Lunch
sponsored by Československá obchodná banka
Strategy, Conception and Visions in ITS
moderated by doc. Aleš Janota
13:40 Strategy and Regulation in Transport Telematics Sector
prof. Petr Moos
CTU in Prague
14:00 European Funds and Transport Finance
Róbert Felcan
Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the SR
14:20 ITS General Deployment in the Netherlands
Paul Potters
Connekt / ITS Netherlands
14:40 Involvement in Technical Normalisation of ITS
David Bárta
15:00 Importance of Space Industry for Economy and Transport
Karel Dobeš
Government Representative, Galileo Project

Unified system of traffic information JSDI – experience of operation in the CR and prospects for Europe
Tomáš Miniberger

15:35 Coffee break
16:10 Telematic Applications for Freight Transport TAF TSI – Challenge for Enhance of Freight Transport Efficiency
Peter Ihnát, ZSSK Cargo
prof. Jozef Majerčák, University of Žilina
16:30 Impact of State Administration on Safety in Commercial Air Transport
Boleslav Stavovčík
CTU in Prague
16:50 Ten Steps to Success when Implementing a Video Based Automatic Incident Detection System
Nico Verstraete
Central Europe Tolling Summit
moderated by Roman Srp
13:40 Conception of Hybrid Tolling System
Jaroslav Srp
CTU in Prague
14:00 Hybrid System – A New Chance for EFC Interoperability
prof. Pavel Přibyl
CTU in Prague
14:20 Implementation of EFC in the Czech Republic
Václav Černý
Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
14:40 EFC as a Source of Traffic Information
Pavel Hrubeš
CTU in Prague
15:00 Toll Collection in Poland
prof. Jerzy Mikulski, Kacper Kędziora
Polish Association of Transport Telematics
15:20 Tolling Plans in the Netherlands
Paul Potters
Connekt / ITS Netherlands
15:40 Coffee break
16:10 Discussion panel – Prospects of EFC Systems in Europe
moderated by Roman Srp
The persons invited to participation in the panel include lecturers of the professional section and other guests.
  Garden Party
Informal social meeting of conference participants connected with music
sponsored by ELTODO EG
Telematics in Terrestrial Transport
moderated by Andrea Gavulová
8:30 Registration at the conference, morning coffee
9:00 Advanced Approaches to City Agglomerations Traffic Management
Nick B. Hounsell, Birendra P. Shrestha
University of Southampton

Participation in CONNECT and EASYWAY Projects
Tamas Tomaschek, Adam Nagy
State Motorway Management Co

9:50 OBUs – Further Use
Zuzana Bělinová, Vladimír Faltus, Jakub Wosyka
CTU in Prague
10:10 Unified System of Traffic Information JSDI – Telematic and Operational Applications
František Vaške
10:25 Coffee break
sponsored by eago systems
10:55 System of Management and Regulation of City Traffic in Prague
Tomáš Tichý, Libor Povejšil
ELTODO dopravní systémy
11:15 Implementation of Complex Control Systems for Safer Tunnels
Petr Svoboda
11:45 Telematic Control Systems on Motorways
Vladimír Ketner, Ivana Černá
AŽD Praha
12:00 Monitoring of Consignments on Railways
Julius Přenosil, Petr Kroča
12:20 Cab Radio Terminal FXM20 for Radio Systems on Railways
Vladimír Sieber
12:30 Benefits of EUREKA Railways Projects Solutions
Petr Kroča
12:50 Business Lunch
Air Traffic as an Inspiration
moderated by prof. Dušan Kevický
13:35 Air Traffic Services of the SR (LPS SR)
Igor Urbánik
Air Traffic Services of the SR (LPS SR)
13:55 Satellites in Air Traffic Management
Klaus-Peter Ludwig
EADS Astrium
14:15 Implementation of Network-centric Environment in Europe
Augustín Lamprecht
Air Traffic Services of the SR (LPS SR)
14:35 Coffee break
14:50 Development of Requirements on Performance and Interoperability of the Surveillance Systems in Terms of the European ATM Network
Ján Buršík
Air Traffic Services of the SR (LPS SR)
15:10 Design of Air Traffic Data Administration System with Application of Innovative Technologies
Benedikt Badánik
University of Žilina
15:40 Conference conclusion
  Poster Section
  Information Systems of Public Transport
Peter Bánovec, Miroslav Pištek, Miroslav Sokol
Condition and Prospects of Technologies of Railway Crossings
doc. Aleš Janota, doc. Juraj Spalek, Šebeňová
University of Žilina
  Traffic Analysis of the Section Žilina – Vrútky
prof. Alica Kalašová, Marek Kramarčík, Michal Pánis
University of Žilina
  OBU in Support of the Driver
Ján Mikula, Veronika Kučerková, Peter Vestenický
  Systems of City Cards
Peter Bánovec, Miroslav Pištek, Miroslav Sokol, Marián Ďuračik
  Impact of Windmills on CNS
Doc. Andrej Novák
University of Žilina
  Necessity of Cooperation of the Slovak Republic with ESA
prof. Dušan Kevický
University of Žilina
  Research on the the Input Parameters for the Effective Modelling and Simulation of the ITS Services Based on the Variable Message Signs in the Conditions of the Czech Republic
Stanislav Kantor, Tomáš Stárek
Telematix Services
  City Logistic – Way to the Mobility Enhancements in the Cities
Tomáš Stárek, Pavel Manda
Telematix Services
  Hybrid Solution of Electronic Fee Collection
Ondřej Holub
Telematix Services
  The programme can be modified without notice.
Czech - English simultaneous interpretation will be provided.
Professional Conference Board
prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD.
University of Žilina
    prof. Ing. Milan Dado, PhD.
University of Žilina
Ing. Andrea Gavulová, PhD.
University of Žilina
    prof. Ing. Jozef Gnap, PhD.
University of Žilina
Ing. Peter Halabrín
ČESMAD Slovakia
    doc. Ing. Svetozár Hegyi, CSc.
ITS Slovakia
prof. RNDr. Stanislav Holec, PhD.
Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica
    Dr. Ing. Pavel Hrubeš
CTU in Prague
Mgr. Milan Ištván
Partnerships for Prosperity
    doc. Ing. Aleš Janota, PhD.
University of Žilina
prof. Ing. Alica Kalašová, PhD.
University of Žilina
    prof. Ing. Antonín Kazda, PhD.
University of Žilina
prof. Ing. Dušan Kevický, CSc.
University of Žilina
    Ing. František Komora
Association of Logistic & Freight Forwarding of the SR
Ing. Ivan Kúdela
Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the SR
    Ing. Lubomír Palčák
Transport Research Institute
Ing. Peter Pelegrini
National Council of the SR
    prof. Ing. Pavel Přibyl, CSc.
University of Žilina, Guest Professor
Dr. Ing. Peter Schlosser
Slovak Road Administration
    doc. Ing. Juraj Spalek, CSc.
University of Žilina
Ing. Roman Srp
ITS&S Czech Republic, SDT ČR
    prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek
Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica
Guest Professor
Ing. Aurel Ščehovič
Research Institute of Posts & Telecommunications
    Ing. Jarmila Škrinárová, PhD.
Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica
Venue of the Conference
Drotárska cesta 46
811 04 Bratislava
Detailed map can be seen here or here.
How to find the venue of the conference.
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