Satellite navigation & communications on railways

Professional workshop organized by GUF - Galileo User forum, the Czech Republic's Ministry of Transport initiative.

6 October 2008

Messe Dresden, Germany


10 October 2008
Workshop Proceedings Archive was just posted. It contains all existing contributions from the workshop.

9 October 2008
Preview quality images from the conference can be downloaded here. If you are interested in certain image in printing quality, contact us.

6 October 2008
The first workshop organized by Galileo User Forum has finished.

3 October 2008
The room where workshop will be held was changed. See the venue of the workshop.

1 October 2008
The deadline for workshop registration using web registration form was shifted to the end of this week. The last registration form to be processed has to be sent till 5 September, 11:59 PM !

19 September 2008
Registration process for workshop has started.

15 September 2008
Satellite navigation & communications on railways - the professional workshop organized by GUF (Galileo User forum) will be held 6th October 2008 in Messe Dresden, Germany.

Invitation Letter
   Invitation letter with programme and registration form can be downloaded here.
Workshop Programme
  Moderated by:
prof. Miroslav Svítek, CTU in Prague
12.30 Registration to the Workshop
in front of the conference hall
13.00 Workshop opening
Petr Šlegr, Vice-Minister of Transport of the CZ
13.30 Galileo User Forum, the Czech space initiative
Karel Dobeš
Czech Government Representative
14.00 Galileo impact assessment on railways, expectations of users
discussion topic with an opening remark by
Martin Pichl
Ministry of Transport of the CZ
14.45 Galileo as an instrument of unification of the European railway transport
discussion topic with an opening remark by
Hynek Mocek, Railway Infrastructure Administration
Jan Taufer, Laboratory of Intelligent Systems Czech Railways
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 Galileo for security and safety of railway transport
discussion topic with an opening remark by
Petr Gurník
AŽD Praha
16.45 Closing remark made by the Workshop moderator, final discussion to agree on conference conclusion
17.30 End of the Workshop
Evening cocktail
Workshop Language
English, no translation to German will be provided.
Venue of the Workshop
Room 3.6 (upper floor of Hall 3)
Messe Dresden
Messering 6
D-01067 Dresden
How to find the venue of the Workshop.
You have to drive in through Gate 1 (see the plan of Messe Dresden area).
All other ways (parking and walking) will be signed with shields.
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