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Presentation on Czech Republic ITS Action plan and its implementation through individual projects (412kB) 15-06-15
Martin Pichl
Ministry of Transport of the CR
Presentation on Intelligent Mobility in the Czech Republic (2MB) 15-06-15
Roman Srp
Czech Transport Telematics (1MB) 15-06-15
Roman Srp
Getting natiowide traffic and mobility monitoring from BigData (5MB) 15-06-15
Jiří Novobilský
Transport Systems Development Centre RODOS
ITS Certification in Czech Republic (247kB) 15-06-15
Jarmil Mikulík
Electrotechnical testing institute
Introduction of Korean ITS (5MB) 15-06-15
ITS Service of SK C&C&C - ITS of Korea (3MB) 15-06-15
LG CNS Smart Transportation (5MB) 15-06-15
Introduction of KEC ITS (6MB) 15-06-15
sTraffic - Toll Collection System (6MB) 15-06-15