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Opening remark (0B) 13-12-09
Roman Srp
ITS&S Executive Director and Vice-president
Introduction to the big data phenomenon (0B) 13-12-09
Ondřej Zaoral
Super-computing (0B) 13-12-09
prof. Ivo Vondrák
IT4Innovations Supercomputing Centre of VŠB–TU of Ostrava
Travel information services and traffic management (0B) 13-12-09
Martin Hájek
RODOS Competence Centre
Journey planning & PT reservations (0B) 13-12-09
Tomáš Chlebničan
CHAPS – winner of Smart Mobility Challenge
Weather information in transport (0B) 13-12-09
Tomáš Pospíšek
CROSS – leading winter maintenance industry
Improving quality of GNSS vehicle localization (0B) 13-12-09
Tereza Mlynářová
ITS&S – FP7 Easy OBU project